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BIYBuild It Yourself
BIYBelieve in Yourself
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BiY (Business in Yorkshire) is a support network for small businesses.
Prior to Chang's "30-second incident" on March 17, the DF was planning a booklet on the CSSTA's threat to Taiwanese economy and society, while the BIY was discussing nationwide campus talks to arouse more students' attention.
FINEST SCOTCH: Biy Connoy, John Gordon Sincair in Gregory's Gir and Gregor Fisher as Rab C Nesbitt
The examinee was given four options: bie, biy, by and bey.
Dry days throughout which the sun shines are baen biy (lit.
Decorative paint markets are examined according to the demand and drivers for water-based paints - or otherwise - as well as looking into purchasing behaviour (DIY vs BIY or professional) and the penetration of in-store colour mixing systems.
Businesses from across the region competed in the 2015 BIYINSPIRED award scheme, created in 2014 by BiY, a business support network and Leeds-based Awards Writers, to recognise small and mediumsize firms.
This has been achieved both bIy establishing new partnerships and strengthening our existing relationships.
Neff's brand manager, Sue Flowers, said: "Out of the pitching process, we were most impressed by the over-arching theme of BIY that WPR presented.
Manap biy played a special role in fight of united Kyrgyz and Kazakh tribes for maintenance of independence of their homeland, he stated.