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Founded in 1971, Bisk Education is one of the country's largest and most respected facilitators of online education.
Bisk talked about what he sees as the importance of national standards.
She struck me as being sincere and nice,'' said Bisk, who was also admitted into the Laurelwood Health Care Center for a broken hip a year ago.
Bisk had this advice for consumers: "Any time anything like this is presented with math, you want to know what data is used and what are the assumptions.
Bisk is marketing the online course program as the best of both worlds: As in a self-study course, students can study accounting at their own convenience and review the same material on the CD-ROM as many times as they need.
In addition, Bisk Education will extend to accounting professionals in the federal government workforce special pricing on continuing professional education.
The Notre Dame YALI Film Project presented by Bisk Education will premiere this fall.
Bisk will co-teach this conference, "Where Content Meets Pedagogy," with Yeap Ban Har, one of the world's most renowned teachers of Singapore Math.
Adult students can sometimes doubt their abilities to be successful online, but with Bisk Education and New England College working together, these students were able to reach this milestone.
Bisk and two other professors at Worcester State have used a seventh-grade Singapore math book to teach a low-level remedial arithmetic course at the college, he said.
Throughout our more than 40-year history, Bisk Education has attracted some of the industry's most talented professionals," said company President Mike Bisk.
Bisk believes their skills deficit goes back further than high school course selection.