BJMBrian Jonestown Massacre (band)
BJMBujumbura, Burundi (airport code)
BJMBarnard Jacobs Mellet (holding company; South Africa)
BJMBeing John Malkovich (movie)
BJMBallets Jazz de Montréal (French: Jazz Ballet of Montreal; Montreal, Canada)
BJMBritish Journal of Midwifery (journal)
BJMBibliothèque des Jeunes de Montréal (French: Montreal Children's Library; Montreal, Canada)
BJMBone, Joint and Muscle
BJMBetween Job Monitor
BJMBlue Jackets' Manual
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com; or investors, BJM and Associates, +1-810-923-0455, bjmandassoc@hotmail.
Nigel Spackman, Managing Director of BJM, and European Regional Director of the MBL Group Plc, said, "Under John Archer's direction, Stochastic has become famous in the UK for providing diagnostic, actionable guidance on brand positioning to a wide range of clients.
CONTINUING TO PROVIDE A GREAT SERVICE "We would like to congratulate BJM on its 100th anniversary.
Recalling the great Gandhian Baba Amte, who had launched the Second BJM from Itanagar in 1989 that was flagged off by then governor RD Pradhan, Dr Rao, lovingly called Bhaiji, said Gandhiji, who had lived for only four months after India attained independence had desired that sensibility was the need for the nation to remain united and great.
Political turmoil in Arab countries would weigh on the industry more if it spreads to bigger markets in the Middle East such as Saudi Arabia, Renaissance BJM analyst Rey Wium said.
Barton says that she sets out to work with dancers to create an experience; BJM, under the artistic direction of Louis Robitaille, seek to create dance that can be enjoyed equally by aficionados and dance newcomers alike.
Last year RenCap bought South African brokerage BJM Securities for $28.
The average daily trading over the past few days had been worth about R10bn, said Nick Kunze, the head of BJM Private Clients.
Global Banking News-15 July 2010-Renaissance Capital buys BJM Securities(C)2010 ENPublishing - http://www.
He was the talented outsider that the rest of the set aspired to be, you see) BJM released a single called Not If I Was The Last Dandy On Earth and gigs descended into fist fights between bandmates.
Horz HP, Barbrook A, Field CB, Bohannan BJM (2004) Ammonia-oxidizing bacteria respond to multifactorial global change.
Ibrahim Amin al-Sayyed, head of Hezbollah's political council, represented Hezbollah in the signing ceremony, while the Salafists were represented by Sheikh Hassan al-Shahhal, who heads the BJM.