BJWBig Japan Pro Wrestling (also seen as BJPW)
BJWBournemouth Jubilee Wheelers (cycling club; est. 1935; UK)
BJWBlue Jay Way (Beatles song)
BJWBeef Jerky Works (food making product)
BJWBakersfield Jazz Workshop (Bakersfield, CA)
BJWBackyard Juggalo Wrestling (Canada)
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None of the religious legalism factors correlated with both BJW and defensive theology.
In effect, personal BJW relates to a person's belief that he or she has what he or she deserves, and general BJW is the extent to which a person believes people in general get what they deserve.
We suspected this correlation would especially be true for personal BJW [since self-serving bias inclines many of us to see ourselves as righteous in our own eyes and thus deserving of a good life (see Meyers, 2010)], but also for general BJW.
Finally, in regards to BJW we had included four items that crossed personal/global BJW with present/future.
An alternative interpretation is that a one point increase in the BJW measure has the same impact on test scores as a 3 category improvement on a 13 point scale in the parent's level of education.
The family culture BJW variable is included in column (3) and is also economically and statistically significant and the coefficient on income falls relative to column (1).
The difference between the two results is the inclusion of the BJW culture variable in (4) column.
Columns (3)-(5) carry out the same regression, bur for each tertile of family culture on the basis of BJW responses (columns 3 and 5 are families with the lowest and highest BJW responses respectively).
If you would like to receive a copy of the prospectus for BJW, please visit the American Stock Exchange website at http://www.
And Evans BJW & Doshi S (2001) Binocular Vision and Orthoptics: Investigation and Management.
Q7, Q8, & Q9: Evans BJW (2010) The investigation and management of heterotropia.