BKBBasler Kantonalbank (Switzerland)
BKBBenteng Kuto Besak (Indonesian: Kuto Besak Fortress)
BKBBlack King Bar (gaming weapon)
BKBBV Kwaliteitsverklaringen Bouw (Dutch)
BKBBankBoston Corporation (former stock symbol)
BKBBando Kick-Boxing (France)
BKBBenzinkostenbeteiligung (German)
BKBBagay Ka Brennen (French Caribbean culture association)
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21 February 2013 - Danish pumps maker Grundfos Holding AS said today that it had agreed to take over its long-term Australian partner BKB Pumps & Tanks Pty Ltd, in a move to further enhance its presence in the Australian commercial buildings market.
BKB will be folded into Grundfos' Australian Commercial Building Services (CBS) unit.
Country: AustraliaSector: Machinery/EngineeringTarget: BKB Pumps & Tanks Pty LtdBuyer: Grundfos Holding ASVendor: Jeya Thuraisingam, Bala ThuraisingamType: Corporate acquisitionStatus: Agreed
Since the first sanctioned fight, which took place August 5, 2011 in Scottsdale, Arizona, the buzz for BKB has rapidly grown throughout the world.
8220;2012 is going to be a huge year for BKB,” said Cella.
The team of oncologists and surgeons agreed, after further evaluation, that BKB was not a surgical candidate unless chemotherapy was effective in decreasing the tumor mass.
Eli Colvin, vice president and a member of BKB since 1996, said he plans to attend the course and share his experiences from when he was a district sales manager for two different electronics corporations.
BIHF management estimates that the BKB operation will be fully integrated within six months of closing date.
For information on the BKB community Seder, contact Connie Moise at (661) 224-1880.
The BKB VR app is now available for Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition and Cardboard (Android and iOS) headsets.
Besides, the current clients of Bangla will have the opportunity to obtain services from any of the countrywide branches of BKB.
Tony Simpson, IT Manager at BKB GrainCo, said: "We wanted to create a competitive advantage by making specific information available to authorized people via their mobile devices.