BKCGBritish Knife Collectors Guild (UK)
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BKCG kicked off the campaign with a white paper titled "Brand Identity for Hedge Funds: Build It and They Will Come," which addresses the premium that prospective investors now place on good communications, transparency that goes beyond data, and firm reputation.
BKCG offers tailored solutions that address brand identity building, development of marketing and collateral material, and presentation coaching.
Kasper was referring to successful client engagements already completed or under way by BKCG with Velgot as strategic partner, including high-end deliverables for a global alternative asset manager and a prominent boutique service provider.
The client engagements on which BKCG and James Velgot are collaborating join a growing roster for BKCG, which has seen an enthusiastic response from the investment management industry since its founding in January 2009.
BKCG works with firms to hone their message and content in various mediums including marketing presentations, due diligence questionnaire responses, websites and newsletters.