BKFKBy Kids for Kids (invention site)
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Also, BKFK would like to thank EA and Best Buy for all their incredible support of this competition.
BKFK is urging young innovators to clear out their ideas and enter them into the "Unleash Your Locker" Challenge.
All entries must be submitted no later at 12:00 pm Noon ET on June 30, 2008 - online via the BKFK website at www.
What an amazing process watching the Idea Locker[TM], our new social entrepreneurship platform for young people, come alive at BKFK.
The grand prize winners of the first round of BKFK innovation competitions will be announced at the beginning of April during a live webcast celebration.
To that end, we are proud of the new BKFK Idea Locker[TM] and look forward to working closely with America's teens and industry to solve problems and create opportunities.
In addition to providing free support and educational resources to America's children, BKFK provides entrepreneurial experiences for young inventors and supports the entire ideation through commercialization process.
Each of these kids have entered licensing agreements with BKFK, and BKFK has already filed for patents on their behalf for their inventions.
Mattel also will be the exclusive presenting toy sponsor of the By Kids For Kids - Xerox 2005 National Invention Competition and sponsor the BKFK Brainstorm Challenge summer museum program.
BKFK is the leading integrated marketing, branding and licensing company in America dedicated to making kids' ideas a reality.
Each of the Chester Award winners receives a licensing contract from BKFK, legal support to patent their invention (if patentable), professional expertise to bring their product to market, and a Xerox Phaser printer (worth about $1,000).
The BKFK Crayon Holder packaging features Cassidy and her story as an inspiration to other kids that they too can invent and turn ideas into profits.