BKHBritisch Kurzhaar
BKHBusiness Know-How (website)
BKHBlack Hills Corporation (stock symbol; Rapid City, SD)
BKHBurley Katon Halliday (Australia; architectural and interior design practice)
BKHBritisch Kurzhaar Highlander (German: British Shortland Highlander; cat breed)
BKHBoot Key Harbor (Florida)
BKHBasal Keratinocyte Herniation
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Locum Dr Nada Mahayni was sceptical that Oxford-based BKH could deliver a proper level of service to cope with the multiple health problems of an aging population of 10,000 plus over the three villages.
The LHB's Claire Jones confirmed the firm had been instructed not to change service levels and said it was 'incredibly unlikely' changes would be approved even after a meeting with BKH, councillors and patients on December 3.
BKH reported first quarter 2012 (1Q'12) net earnings improved approximately 11% over 1Q'11 despite the headwinds from a warm winter largely reflecting the earnings from these assets.
An accordion feature allows BKH to increase the facility to $750 million, pending consent of the facility's administrative agent.
The ratings at BHP are notched higher than BKH since the parent is viewed as having more risk adjusted leverage.
The Stable Outlook reflects Fitch's expectations that over the near to intermediate term BKH should benefit from the commercialization of a couple of large capex investments which will add 380Mw of natural gas fired generation to the company's Colorado Electric operations, of which 180Mw will be rate based and 200Mw will be built by the Black Hill's Independent Power Production subsidiary and sold to the Colorado Electric subsidiary under a long-term Purchased Power Agreement (PPA).
In July 2010, BKH sold a 23% interest in Wygen III for $62 million and will record a gain of approximately $5 million to $6 million on the sale.
Following the transformational July 11, 2008 sale of the bulk of its Independent Power Production unit for $840 million, BKH purchased five Aquila-regulated utilities for $940 million on July 14, 2008.
BKH is the parent holding company for a collection of gas and electric utilities in South Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, and Montana serving 760,000 customers.
Co-founder and President of BKH Online Marketing LLC, Robert Henry, said, "We want to help stimulate children's creativity through toys that require critical thinking and innovation.
In conjunction with its review of the BKH proposal, NWEC announced that it had initiated a broader review of strategic alternatives.
The Evolving Rating Outlook for NOR's debt obligations reflects some uncertainty as to the direction of NOR's underlying credit quality should a merger with BKH ultimately be consummated.