BKMEBank of Kuwait and Middle East
BKMEBleached Kraft Pulp Mill Effluent (pharmacology)
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lot of opportunities thus encouraging BKME to offer new and innovative Islamic
The belief of BKME in the performance of the Company and its operations that capitalizes on fixed- income generating real estate assets, was a major factor in the successful completion of the financing deals.
For instance, genistein was isolated and identified at a concentration of 10 pg/L in the final BKME from a pulp mill in Ontario, Canada (Kiparissis et al.
Because genistein has been found in pulp mill effluent at a concentration of approximately 10 [micro]g/L, isoflavones in BKME may contribute to these effects in feral fish.
Moody's notes that BKME enjoys significant benefits from being part of the Bahrain-based AUB Group, which has total assets in excess of $25 billion.
The last rating action on BKME was implemented on March 19, 2009.
The BKME was obtained from a softwood pulp mill operation located in southern British Columbia, and the primary and secondary effluents from a sewage treatment plant within the Greater Vancouver Regional District, Vancouver, British Columbia.
Measurement of alkylphenolic chemicals in the full-strength BKME and treated sewage effluent.
On signing the MoU for the new deal, BKME chairman Hamad Abdul Mohsen Al-Marzouq said:' Since the beginning of the crisis, we have always been keen to provide the necessary finance for several key sectors, particularly the real estate sector.
We at BKME have an experienced and seasoned team of professionals, which enables us to understand the needs of the market and to assist local companies by providing them with the required tailor made solutions for their financial needs, while continuing to adhere to the prudent credit policies of by the Bank.
In August 2005 Bahrain-based Ahli United Bank (rated 'A-' (A minus)/Stable) increased its stake in BKME to 75 per cent from 48 per cent.
BKME was trasnformed into an Islamic bank in response to desire of the