BKZBudgettair Kader Zorg (Dutch: Budgetary Framework Care)
BKZBildungsdirektoren Konferenz Zentralschweiz (German: Central Conference of Education Directors; Switzerland)
BKZBetaalbare Koopwoningen Zaanstad (Dutch real estate company)
BKZBlock Korkin-Zolotarev (algorithm)
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Kalimantan Gold also said that additional priority targets have been identified at the Beruang Kanan South, Beruang Kanan West and BKZ Polymetallic prospects, which are all located within 1.
The additive approach with nonlinear integral type modeling of relaxations was started with BKZ models (38), (39) and was recently revisited along with some new experimental studies (40).
Bernd Holter, Head of BKZ M-V, said: The establishment of a high-quality broadband connection is the chance to improve the local infrastructure for each municipality.