BKinBachelor of Kinesiology
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Ribeiro (2), PhD, Katherine Sveinson (3), BSRS, and Laura Dahlstrom (3), BKIN
Scott is cofounder and Chief Scientific Officer of BKIN Technologies, which commercializes robotic technologies for clinical and basic research.
Robot Interaction Manufacturer Armeo [1] Exoskeleton Hocoma ARM Guide [2] End point -- Bi-Manu-Track [3] End point Reha-Stim GENTLE/s [4] End point -- HWARD [5] Hand -- InMotion2 [6] End point Interactive Motion Technologies InMotion3 [7] Wrist Interactive Motion Technologies KINARM Exoskeleton [8] Exoskeleton BKIN Technologies KINARM End Point End point BKIN Technologies Mirror Image End point -- Motion Enabler [9] NeReBot [10] Weight assist Mechatronics REHAROB [11] End point -- Reha-Slide [12] End point Reha-Stim [1.