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BL1Baseline 1
BL1Biosafety Level 1
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The M subtype had significantly worse relapse-free survival than the BL1 and IM subtypes.
Transgenic tobacco plants expressing the geminivirus BL1 protein exhibit symptoms of viral disease.
7 also fall in either gate 1 or gate 2 in the BL1 vs FS plot in Fig.
Smokers, when compared to non-smokers, exhibited higher SBP values in BL1, reacted in a bigger extent during the task and, also, had a worst recovery at BL2, as shown in Table 2.
SUK1 decolourized Red BL1 (50 ug/ml) 99% within 1 h under static anoxic condition at pH range from 6.
or send your vote to Brand Development, Warburtons, Hereford House, Bolton, BL1 8JB.
Allied Tropic Ltd, Back O'Th'Bank House, Hereford Street, Bolton BL1 8HJ.
philippinarum, the identical ITS sequences were detected between 2 individuals within a species and named haplotypes WD1, YLI, BL1, FL1, respectively.
Bolton Archive and Local Studies Service, Central Library, Civic Centre, Le Mans Crescent, Bolton, Greater Manchester, BL1 1SE, England
Write to Michael Yates, 57 Sharples Park, Astley Bridge, Bolton BL1 6PG.
It was at least the 10th time US troops in Tikrit had headed out on a mission hoping to capture the man they referred to either as BL1, black list one, or HVT1, high-value target one.
Mean abundance ([pm]SE) of fox squirrels and range of fox squirrels observed by site and season in the Valley and Ridge Province of Pennsylvania, 1995-1996 Site Season BL1 BL2 RS1 Fall Abundance ([pm]SE) 1.