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BLAABiblioteca Luis Angel Arango (Bogota, Colombia)
BLAABritish Llama and Alpaca Association (Warwickshire, West Midlands, England, UK)
BLAABis-Lactobionic Acid Amide (pharmacology)
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An element in Alskade blaa oga quite apart from its universal import--we have all experienced these inevitable tragedies from near or (cowards) from afar--might need explanation for Americans: the peculiar linguistic makeup of the institutions by which Elsa's last years are measured out--bilingual, Swedish and Finnish, just as Helsingfors-Helsinki vestigially remains.
The findings are eye-opening in debunking conventional wisdom that Europe is behind North America in cloud adoption," said Jeroen Blaas, General Manager, CipherCloud Europe.
Die klaaglied word 'n pleidooi vir 'n weldadige opvolger om te sorg vir en lewe in die grond in terug te blaas.
The idea of the project is to strengthen good governance in Maghreb countries to live up to the expectations of the people of this region," commented German Ambassador to Mauritania Dietmar Blaas.
Maria wil ook nuwe lewe blaas in 'n kerkbeweging wat vroue sal verenig, iets wat nie in die verlede moontlik was nie.
Bacher G, Szymanski WW, Kaufman SL, Zollner P, Blaas D, Allmaier G.
Harm-Gerd Blaas did a study on early diagnosis of abnormalities such as holoprosencephaly and found that the use of 3-D and volume reconstructions improved the imaging and understanding of the condition.
Blaas has noted the connections between the rhetoric of professionalism and the cult of "national efficiency" at the turn of the century.