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BLACEB-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Expressed (gene)
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The discovered arms arsenal near Blace (by "tradition" from 2001--normally, without arresting the ones in charge of the logistic) and the riddled van in dark night on the "trafficking route" towards Radusa have fully "refreshed" the memory of the events from the beginning of 2001, which, at least not officially, are not desired by any of the political subjects in Macedonia.
Ten hours earlier jubilant Albanian refugees had lined the road chanting "NATO, NATO, Go, Go, Go" as the Task Force led by Brigadier Adrian Freer rolled over the border at Blace.
Columns of NATO vehicles followed the helicopters, rolling into the province at Blace, Macedonia.
The long awaited move into Kosovo came just after 4am BST when more than a dozen Puma and Chinook helicopters flew low over the UK troops' Forward Assembly Area at Blace towards the high ground of Kosovo as part of Nato's K-For peacekeeping force.
Only a few yards from the Blace border post where refugees first started to pour into Macedonia, Belgrade's generals signed a withdrawal agreement.
But then the full extent of Nato's control and compassion in the Kosovan refugee crisis emerged when the 60,000 homeless in the same valley in Blace, Macedonia, vanished overnight.
Where we work:Prijepolje, Vr ac, Vladicin Han, Vlasotince, Kanji a, Arandelovac, Blace, Lazarevac and Obrenovac.
Reconstructed Blace border-crossing will provide for increased flow of passengers and goods and efficiency in the operations of the border-crossing authorities.
Although the Macedonian police was present at border-crossings Blace and Jazince, it removed the trucks on Tuesday that blocked the transport at the two border-crossings.
Too much time, too much money and nerves have been wasted in disclosing the truth that has been covering Katlanovo's Blace for years.
There are armed groups of a Kosovo-Macedonian complot spread out on the mountain slopes of Skopska Crna Gora on the Kumanovo Gosince--Skopje Blace line and nobody is denying this.
SCRAP HEAP: Ethnic Albanian refugees from Kosovo walk through piles of rubbish in the Blace refugee camp in Macedonia on April 5, 1999.