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One day when she was pacing to and fro under the lime trees, a black crow hopped out of a rose-bush in front of her.
I am not really a black crow, but an enchanted Prince, who has been doomed to spend his youth in misery.
I am the Prince,' he said, 'who you in your goodness, when I was wandering about in the shape of a black crow, freed from the most awful torments.
No sign of life was visible, save a big black crow winging his solitary way across a leaden field.
The walls were hung with white silk, upon which flocks of black crows were embroidered in black diamonds.
Then David answered, "I see the white clouds floating and I feel the wind a-blowing and three black crows are flying over the wold; but nought else do I see, good master.
For more information on Candi Sary or Black Crow White Lie, please visit the Blue Mary Books website.
She was an early board member and assistant director of the Black Crow Network, a nonprofit educational and cultural organization devoted to supporting Adirondack tradition bearers and regional culture, and helped to produce a series of biannual celebrations of womens' history, lore, and crafts in the Adirondacks.
45: Millie's Magic (7), Lyndsey Boy (7), Black Crow (9), Brieville Snowflake (9), Julie's Dream (12).
What a contrast here, the tiny wagtails, busy and nimble, frolicking away while the big black crow, perched aloft on a tent roof, brooded above them like a stern headteacher observing the innocent play of carefree pupils.
When the tsar's blackamoor decided to marry, The blackamoor walked among the ladies, At the ladies the blackamoor gazed, The blackamoor chose himself a wife, The black crow chose a white swan.
Fish all dance a water dance, Deer kick up their feet and prance, Black crow has his head a-bobbin', He's high stepping with the robin.