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BladeBeyBlade (toy)
BLADEBristol Laboratory for Advanced Dynamics Engineering (UK)
BLADEBasic Level Automation of Data Through Electronics
BLADEBroadband Loaded Antenna DEsigner
BLADEBuilding Leaders Through the Advancement of Dance Education
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The Hurons soon fired again, and a bullet struck the blade of Hawkeye's paddle without injury.
He had slain men with his own hand, for aught I know -- certainly, they had fallen like blades of grass at the sweep of the scythe before the charge to which his spirit imparted its triumphant energy -- but, be that as it might, there was never in his heart so much cruelty as would have brushed the down off a butterfly's wing.
And there was an old gentleman who shall be nameless, being too rich a mynheer to be lightly mentioned, who, in the battle of White Plains, being an excellent master of defence, parried a musket-ball with a small-sword, insomuch that he absolutely felt it whiz round the blade, and glance off at the hilt; in proof of which he was ready at any time to show the sword, with the hilt a little bent.
They all seemed to tell; the swords always bent over the opponents' heads, from the forehead back over the crown, and seemed to touch, all the way; but it was not so--a protecting blade, invisible to me, was always interposed between.
She was a sweet, pretty thing and he'd have walked the world over to get her a blade o' grass she wanted.
On the top of the gallows is fixed the knife, blade upwards, with its point in the air.
What the Admiralty was to me that day; what nonsense I made of our case in my mind, as I listened to it; how I saw 'DORA' engraved upon the blade of the silver oar which they lay upon the table, as the emblem of that high jurisdiction; and how I felt when Mr.
Now, I saw the damp lying on the bare hedges and spare grass, like a coarser sort of spiders' webs; hanging itself from twig to twig and blade to blade.
In the morning he looked out on the black frost that seemed to press cruelly on every blade of grass, while the half-icy red pool shivered under the bitter wind; but towards evening the snow began to fall, and curtained from him even that dreary outlook, shutting him close up with his narrow grief.
I throw it into the air; if the blade falls uppermost the tall man shall go free; if the shaft falls uppermost, then life is to the short one, so
The schoolmaster was a noble-looking young man too, a devil-me-care blade of a fellow, with a turn for poetry, they said, and a merry man too, and much in request for a song at The Moonrakers of an evening.
it edged the blade Which fifty wives to widows made, When, vain his strength and Mahound's spell, Iconium's turban'd Soldan fell.