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BLAISBasic Linear Algebra Instruction Set
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Blais has been named Senior Vice President of Sales & Administration and John C.
Blais was promoted to the top position at the WBDC a year ago, he worked on a reorganization plan.
On February 7th & 8th, Blais will prepare a mutli-course dinner with foods abundant in the Mendocino Wine Country, and a number of those Blais introduced on the number one food show on cable television, Top Chef.
Blais said the lease is good news for the college and the downtown area.
Blais said, that is fun and held dear by some of his mathematician friends at WPI is 3-14-15 - the first five numbers of pi, an irrational number that is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter.
To create Frozen Popcornsicles, Blais handcrafts balls of Garrett Popcorn's famed CheeseCorn(R) and CaramelCrisp(TM) Mix, using the company's homemade caramel.
Blais, as part of the theater's Lyceum Series presentation on "Building the New Worcester.
Touareg number three, driven by motorcycle racer, Chris Blais, suffered a mechanical set back early in the first practice session.
Blais said the WBDC remains in financial negotiations with the New York Times Co.
He reports to Bill Blais, Regional Sales Director for the Americas, and Michael Haarstad, Executive Vice President, International Trading and Direct Sales.
Blais at the helm, promises continued success in the years ahead.