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BLAMBarenaked Ladies Are Me (music album and tour)
BLAMBinary Logarithmic Arbitration Method
BLAMBarrel-Launched Adaptive Munition
BLAMBetween Love and Murder (band, New Jersey)
BLAMBlack Lotus Academy of the Martial Arts (Miami, FL)
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The US Air Force has funded research into the Blam (barrel-launched adaptive munition) concept, using a centrally articulated projectile with a nose-mounted seeker and control by body-bending.
A Jew who marries a Catholic woman, Blam is spared the worst of the persecutions Jews, Serbs, and Gypsies were suffering under the fascist regime of the occupying German/Hungarian forces.
Blamtastic's original Lip BLAM Sleeves mean the BLAM will never go through the wash in pants pockets.
RISK, Birmingham Town Hall, November 1: 8pm (till dawn) Jazz All-Nighter, featuring the Mike Fletcher Jazz Orchestra, The Blam Composers Orchestra led by Lluis Mather, and many other bands.
Blam blam blam blam blam blam, and you trying to keep track of everything.
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In the figure of Kapo (a term derived from the French for "corporal") Ti}ma portrays a survivor of the Holocaust-not one of its innocent victims, as in The Book of Blam, but a victim who participates in the crimes of the extermination camps in order to survive.
50 BLAM OF O GR SIR A Ferg alw coeM U perfo But mome 1996 w team w 3-0 do lowly Southampto But his best moment came in 1996 when his team were 3-0 down to lowly Southampton.
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