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BLASBasic Linear Algebra Subprograms
BLASBasic Linear Algebra Subprogram
BLASBridge of Love Adoption Service (China)
BLASBelgian and Luxembourg Association of Singapore
BLASBois Ligature Alto Sax (music supply)
BLASBalanced Layered Allocation Scheme
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One thing is certain: Sabine Hyland's book, which makes for fascinating reading, will give new life to the controversy, while at the same time adding some new twists and turns in the search to find the truth about Blas Valera.
Blas Pascal nacio el 19 de junio de 1623 en el pueblo frances de Clermont-Ferrand, pero 8 anos despues, en 1631, la familia abandono la aldea para radicar en Paris.
A brutal man, Garay earned the hatred of some of his mestizo followers, among them Blas de Acuna, who, in addition to resenting the Spaniard's repressive tactics, was in love with his woman, Maria Muratore.
This article describes a version of single- and double-precision Level 3 BLAS computational kernels [Dongarra et al.
This had also been published without his name, but it has been confirmed because Smollett identified the work as his own in a letter: |Gil Blas was actually translated by me, tho' as it was a Bookseller's job, done in a hurry, I did not choose to put my name to it; however, of three thousand Copies that were printed, scarce 400 remain unsold.
Pursuant to a 2006 ordinance adopted by the board of county commissioners, the Cape San Blas Gulfside MSTU and the Cape San Blas Interior MSTU were established for the purpose of financing an extensive beach renourishment and reconstruction project.
Board Member Felix Ople of the 1st District of Bulacan and son of Blas Ople thanked the provincial government for once again giving honor to his father by annually celebrating his birthday.
Many producers are looking to build on the momentum gained from the Blas Cymru/Taste Wales event held in the spring.
We did not solicit it,' said Manuel Blas, vice president of Ayala Land's Strategic Landbank Management Group.
Pero Blas Canto no las tenia todas consigo y se sorprendio al ser proclamado vencedor de la nueva edicion de Tu cara me suena.
Blas Galindo nacio en el pueblo de San Gabriel--hoy Venustiano Carranza--, Jalisco, el 3 de febrero de 1910, y murio en la Ciudad de Mexico en 1993.
com)-- The Plaza Group, a leader in the international petrochemical marketing industry, has announced the hiring of Araceli Blas to the position of customer service representative and Wendy Urbanski to executive assistant.