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BLASBasic Linear Algebra Subprograms
BLASBridge of Love Adoption Service (China)
BLASBelgian and Luxembourg Association of Singapore
BLASBois Ligature Alto Sax (music supply)
BLASBalanced Layered Allocation Scheme
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This time we have expanded the campaign to include the whole range of Blas Y Tir branded vegetables on sale here in Wales.
We all know that Blas Perez is kind of the focal point for their attack, but they have a lot more talent too other than him," he said, (http://www.
Blas, 25, from Guam, weighing in at 218 kg or almost 35 stone, raised cheers at London's ExCel Center when he knocked out Facinet Keita from Guinea in the first round.
Blas Jr would take his place in judo's main event on Friday, the men's heavyweight division, at the ExCel arena in London's Docklands.
Deiniol ap Dafydd of Blas Ar Fwyd said: "The lack of openness from Conwy has caused uncertainty and is reducing the investments made by businesses in Llanrwst.
San Blas Islands: Need four-wheel drive to reach San Blas ferry from mainland due to stream crossing.
Turning attention to Victor Hugo's 1839 Ruy Blas, and to Edmond Rostand's 1893 Cyrano de Bergerac, I propose to show that the utterance of a new name engenders new identity, with the attendant purpose of promoting the republican ideal of equality.
6m on the bus company De Blas, with around pounds 15m put on deposit as security for any claims against the sellers.
The wholly owned subsidiaries of De Blas are Greisi S.
Blas Yaselli has also been recruited as a network engineer.
The challenge of the work, the low financial support and the lack of caseworkers to support foster families make recruiting new foster homes a tough sell, says Florence Blas, the DHS foster parent recruiter and trainer for Lane County.
A survey by motorway service operator Moto has shown young people have a blas attitude to law-breaking on the road.