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Blue Rubber Bleb Nevus Sendromu'nda semptom ve bulgular organ tutulumuna bagli olarak degisebilmektedir.
Another mechanism for the pneumothorax, as proposed by Sandor and Tolas, is that nitrous oxide administration may have caused expansion of preexisting blebs, causing them to rupture, either alone or during a coughing episode.
In summary, the poem's impression of plainness is achieved in a form of highly worked intricacy, as plainness always is: the trick of seeming 'clear / as the bleb of the icicle', as Seamus Heaney memorably phrased it at the end of 'North'.
Fluid is injected under the dermis at a 5-15 degree angle (as shown in Figure 2) so that a blister, papule or bleb is formed (Figure 3).
For example, fabric preferences change over time from sand temper in Ceramic Period 1 to grog temper in Ceramic Period 2 and then shift to rice husk as the preferred additive in a new bleb temper in Ceramic Period 4; Vincent links this data with changes in vessel forms, and a shift in mortuary ritual to suggest possible regional alliances and migration at Khok Phanom Di between Ceramic Period 2 and Ceramic Period 3.
Sterile water injections involve the administration of sterile water intradermally to create a bleb (or blister) of sterile water just under the skin at 4 different points in the sacrum; two just inside of the superior sacroiliac crest and two just inside of the inferior sacroiliac joint.
We then placed the implant gently in the subretinal space, flattened the bleb by filling the eye with saline, and closed the incisions with sutures.
BC borable / coracle BF bulbil / fulfil BH baba / haha BJ bay-bay / Jay Jay (FL) BL backband / lackland BN bobwhite / nonwhite BP barbal / parpal BS blurb / slurs BV barbe / varve BX berobed / Xeroxed BZ bibb / zizz BD babble / daddle BG barbet / garget BI habnab / Hainai BK banaba / Kanaka BM barb / mann BO bleb / oleo BR beback / rerack BT barbaric / tartaric BW brab / wraw BY baba / yaya
Each bleb eventually encloses a portion of the cell's content, and the cell breaks apart, forming several socalled apoptotic bodies which can then be ingested and destroyed by macrophages and other cells.
to a 1992 article in the Journal of tire Royal College of Physicians by medicals Margaret and Trevor Lloyd who minimise the New Testament detail of the soldier's sword-thrust producing blood and water as merely pricking a bleb caused by the flogging.
Now I am using pressure lowering eye-drops in right eye and my Trabeculectomy bleb (surgical procedure) in left eye even after six years working rigorously.