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BLECBuilding Local Exchange Carrier
BLECBusiness Local Exchange Carrier
BLECBasic Law Enforcement Class
BLECBerkshire-Litchfield Environmental Council (Lakeville, CT)
BLECBaptist Leadership Education Center (Whitby, Ontario)
BLECBritish Landscaping Equipment Company (UK)
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These new types of companies have been given the name BLEC - Building Local Exchange Carrier.
Customers can connect their own POPs or interconnect to another carrier, whether that carrier is an ISP, ILEC, IXC, CLEC, BLEC or wireless provider.
wireless ISP, BLEC, CLEC, backbone provider) rather than the capacity and reach of their existing or planned facilities-based networks.
DCM037 11/13/2000 10:11 r v bc-AccessLan-Webcast (DURHAM) BLEC Business Case: Live Webcast Seminar AccessLan Communications to Address Successful Business Models For Gaining a Leading Position in the