BLEGBulk Leach Extractable Gold
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It was designed to test anomalous gold values identified in soils through BLEG and biogeochemical (BGC) sampling methodologies.
The Company views these results as very encouraging, with great scope for infill drilling in the near future and recent additional BLEG sampling producing very significant results (see ASX Announcement of 12th April, 2012).
This second phase of sampling follows the Company's highly successful first phase of BLEG sampling.
Contemporaneous to this second phase of auger sampling, the BLEG soil sampling grid was extended during the latter half of 2011 along the central part of the JRGB increasing the sampling in this prospective zone.
0 kilometre BLEG soil sampling grid was established on the Nyakona hill which also returned anomalous assays from termite mound and rock chip samples (49.
The additional BLEG samples were collected to the south of the existing (May 2011) BLEG coverage which had produced encouraging results.
A total of 241 infill auger drill samples as well as 160 BLEG soil samples have been collected at Jutson Rocks by the geological team.
Martabe was discovered by Normandy in 1997 through follow-up sampling of an initial 14 ppb gold stream sediment anomaly using the company's BLEG geochemical technology.
The balance of the Nkenkasu concession will be sampled using stream sediment sampling and BLEG (Bulk Leach Extraction of Gold) laboratory analysis to define anomalous drainages.
The Company has therefore planned further BLEG sampling to explore previously unexplored regions of the belt with a total of 165 BLEG samples to be collected on a 500m x 500 m pattern.
A total of 2,762 samples comprising: (1) heavy mineral stream sediment concentrates (HMC), (2) BLEG (bulk leach-extractable gold), (3) sieved, stream sediments, and (4) conventional, base-of-slope soils samples were collected and the results interpreted by Discovery Consultants of Vernon, British Columbia.
In conjunction with the 2,000m RAB programme, follow-up BLEG geochemistry over an extended domain and further infill auger drilling will also be taking place.