BLESBureau of Labor and Employment Statistics (Philippines)
BLESBroadband Loop Emulation Service (DSLF)
BLESBreast Lesion Excision System
BLESBasic Local Exchange Service (Ohio)
BLESBatesburg-Leesville Elementary School (South Carolina)
BLESBuffer Layer Engineering in Semiconductors (ESPRIT Project 6854)
BLESBlended Learning Environmental Science (project; EU)
BLESBoon Lott's Elephant Sanctuary (Thailand)
BLESBovine Lipid Extract Surfactant
BLESBowron Lake Enhancement Society (Canada)
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The young woman blushed, and rose up to go away, but I desired her to sit-still; I told her she had a good work upon her hands, and I hoped God would bless her in it.
Mine own dear Little John," whispered he, "Heaven bless thy kind, rough heart.
Spirent is the first to offer a BLES test application for voice networks and custom calling services to be delivered over Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) networks.