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BLESSBusiness Licensing Electronic Support System (Malaysia)
BLESSBig Lake Environment Support Society (St. Albert, Alberta, Canada)
BLESSBorrowing and Lending Securities Scheme (India)
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She said: "Bless is such a special dog, my sister used to say to Bless, 'your mummy loves you and your aunty Marilyn loves you and Jesus loves you'.
Bless (and blast) New Southern Studies, that long-overdue revolution, that ambiguous banner under which these newest scholars emerge.
Any Christian reader looking for specific, close inspection of Scripture will find Bless Israel; Be Blessed to be a revealing text packed sources for much spiritual reflection.
Some parents bless their children as they tuck them in at night.
Those who curse you be cursed, and those who bless you, blessed' (27:28-29).
Having already told the tale, merely to bless the action of storytelling would be to insult God by failing to acknowledge that which He has been trying to teach us.
Intensifying those worries is the inefficiency of the scheduling software, which might rob astronomers of half their potential observation time, Bless and others say.
Bless na, bless na' was a familiar command we heard over the holidays, from parents to their shy younger children.
And after blessing Ted in a ceremony that included a dedication and poems, Rev Callander and his colleague proceeded to bless the other pets who had attended.
The solution to this mini-dilemma of how we can bless God comes in 1 Chr 29:10: "David blessed Yahweh before the whole assembly, and David said, 'Blessed are you Yahweh, God of Israel our ancestor, forever and ever.
Fr Barltrop has often blessed cats and dogs but it was the first time he'd been asked to bless a pair of tortoises.