BLGBoys Like Girls (band)
BLGBorden Ladner Gervais LLP
BLGBulk Liquids and Gases
BLGBetalactoglobulin (ruminants milk protein)
BLGBremer Lagerhaus-Gesellschaft AG (Bremen, Germany)
BLGBody Landing Gear (aviation)
BLGBisexual, Lesbian, and Gay
BLGBureau Local de Gestion (French: Local Management Office)
BLGBig League Gaming
BLGBasic Layer Grinding
BLGBarlow Lyde & Gilbert (law firm; UK)
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BLG is the country's largest law firm with more than 750 lawyers, intellectual property agents and other professionals in six cities across Canada.
To date we haven't seen many of these types of cases here in Canada," said Michael Smith, a lawyer who specializes in defamation law at BLG.
For example, Rent-to-Own stores can plan NFL parties and promotions coupled with home entertainment packages to maximize the many marketing opportunities BLG has to offer.
In today's environment, as businesses and other organizations try to differentiate themselves and be 'novel' and 'cutting edge', it's easy to be on the wrong side of the law," said BLG lawyer Victoria Prince.
They have already taken the gene that codes for the production of human Factor IX (a blood protein lacking in certain forms of hemophilia) and fused it to the BLG gene in sheep--with an eye, it seems, toward extracting Factor IX along the whey.
BLG provides bilingual services in virtually every area of law, and represents a wide range of regional, national and multinational organizations.
It's been nearly three years since new BLG music has been released.
Forest products industry representatives have clearly stated their support of Annex XV; they see its value as the only forum that brings together BLG researchers, funding partners and technology providers from participating countries on a regular basis and maintains a focus on BLG research.
In 1990, BLG handled close to 1,200,000 TEU with a total cargo volume of 11.
GREAT to see the BLG on parade with the homecoming Fusiliers Regiment as they marched proudly through Ashington and Morpeth this week and into the hearts of their admiring public.