BLHSBethesda Lutheran Homes and Services, Inc (Wisconsin)
BLHSBishop Lynch High School (Dallas, TX)
BLHSBasehor-Linwood High School (Basehor, KS)
BLHSBridge Line Historical Society (New York)
BLHSBen Lomond High School (Ogden, UT)
BLHSBarnegat Light Historical Society (New Jersey)
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In anticipation of the SBE approval, Gaerlan disclosed that the BLHS had formed a curriculum steering committee to create a sample curriculum template that schools can use to implement Chapter 16 of the Grade 11 U.
The BLHS recommendations adopted by the IQC for Grade 11 U.
While Gaerlan attributed this recent success to both Filipino and American support, Sobredo acknowledged the tireless efforts of BLHS, particularly Gaerlan.
The Education Department especially praised BLHS for its dedication and persistence in working with the Instructional Quality Commission and with their complicated process and requirements, Sobredo stated.
He explained that the BLHS started out not have much experience in the political process, but today they have proved themselves capable of working effectively within the political process.
The BLHS educational steering committee had recommended seven changes, including the statement that Despite suffering from massive diseases and starvation and fighting without any air support, the USAFFE troops performed a delaying action that disrupted the timetable of the Imperial Japanese Army of 52 days, defending Bataan for 99 days, and that on March 12, 1942, General MacArthur left the Philippines for Australia, with the deletion that MacArthur uttered the words I shall return that they claim does not add value to the framework and only continues to mystify General MacArthur.
Gaerlan also stressed that the BLHS needed to create the actual curriculum for the implementation of AB199 for what was discuss so far was just the curriculum framework or mere guidelines.
BLHS is in the initial stages of developing a curriculum template.
The SMC Committee approved two key points from the BLHS recommendation: that the Filipino and American soldiers served under the U.
The BLHS delegation led by Executive Director Cecilia Gaerlan and Filipino American Arts Exposition President Al Perez included Filipino and American community leaders from the Bay Area, Davis and Sacramento areas.
BLHS and its supporters vowed to continue working for its recommendations on the curriculum framework until its approval by the State Board of Education in May, after which it will start work on developing the curriculum template.