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BLIPBranch Library Improvement Program (California)
BLIPBackground Limited Performance
BLIPBrookhaven Linac Isotope Producer
BLIPBluetooth Local Infotainment Point (Ericsson)
BLIPBackground - Limited Infrared Photodetection
BLIPBattlefield Laser Implication Program
BLIPBrief Limited Intermittent Psychosis (behavioral science)
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Producers can also, for the first time, customize their graphics on blip .
We started the company in 2005 with the idea of creating a new web-enabled television network," said Mike Hudack, CEO and co-founder of blip.
8226; BLIP Systems is a privately-held information technology company with headquarters in Vester Hassing, near Aalborg, Denmark.
The BLIP ADSP-BF707 is a small-form-factor development platform that offers end equipment manufacturers multiple functional profiles covering intelligent motion sensing, people counting, vehicle detection, and face detection use cases.
Bolts and Blip currently airs in over 100 countries.
However, John Union, head of corporate banking for Barclays Wales region, said: "While these results appear modest when compared to the previous months of growth, this should be viewed as a blip rather than a major concern.
4 million pounds, was a mere blip, and you won't see that again.
Occasionally, transient low-level viremia (ie, a viral blip) is detected by viral load assays, often causing anxiety on the part of patients and clinicians about pending virologic failure or the emergence of drug resistance The occurrence of viral blips may lead clinicians to order costly and unnecessary tests and alter medication regimens of otherwise well-controlled patients.
He said: "Polls come and go, polls blip up and blip down.
The Winter Ball ISBN 9780980645903; Blip and Bloop ISBN 9780980645934 32pp
fm has a song archive users can search, and then blip a tweet-like message of 150 characters with the song to other users, who can award "props" for the quality of the selection.
Fletcher added: "It's easy for me to say it's only a blip but we have to go out on the park and show it's only a blip.