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BLKBlackRock, Inc. (stock symbol; New York, NY)
BLKBlocked Shot (basketball)
BLKBlocked Kick (football)
BLKBlackpool, England, United Kingdom - Blackpool (Airport Code)
BLKBielska Liga Koszykowki (Polish basketball league)
BLKBund Länder Kommission für Bildungsplanung und Forschungsförderung(German: Bund-Länder Commission for Educational Planning and Research Promotion; est. 1970)
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BLK Water is water with fulvic minerals and electrolytes.
The Liberty Stadium-based region has entered into a threeyear partnership with Australian headquartered global kit supplier BLK - in a welcome development against continuing uncertainly over the future structure and governance of the professional game in Wales.
BLK has forest concessions in 5 forest areas in the Republic of Buryatia (1,000,000 ha in total) until 2059 maximum.
We expect this offering to generate tremendous investor interest first and foremost because its location is A+," said Khadaddadian, "and secondly because of the long-term occupancy of BLK, created and led by Swedish designer Johan Lindeberg.
Launched in February 2011, BLK DNM is a new contemporary luxury brand inspired by downtown New York.
AxFlow reports that the BLK Hy-clean can be easily integrated into existing production lines as it has a modular design (vertical porting) and compact size.
Examined under the laboratory microscope, the core from the tree tagged BLK 69 revealed rings going back to 372 A.
Lindeberg notes, "I decided to be more personal with BLK DNM than I have with previous brands and therefore want to create a store that feels exactly as I like my own home to be.
Due to a bidding war with the other investors like Pimco, BLK ends up somewhat overpaying for the assets.
BLK DNM Opens with Innovative Online Flagship Store BLKDNM.