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BLLBall Corporation (stock symbol; Broomfield, CO)
BLLBusiness Logic Layer
BLLBovis Lend Lease
BLLBlood Lead Level
BLLBund für Lebensmittelrecht und Lebensmittelkunde (German: Federation of Food Law and Food Science)
BLLBuraku Liberation League (Japan)
BLLBud Light Lime (beer; Anheuser-Busch, Inc.)
BLLBillund, Denmark - Billund (Airport Code)
BLLBase Locator for Linkage (OS/VS COBOL)
BLLBayside Little League
BLLBank Leumi Leisrael (Israel)
BLLBase Load List
BLLBelow Lower Limit
BLLBaud-Lock Loop (algorithm)
BLLBottom Lower Layer (concrete reinforcement)
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A multiple regression was conducted to predict the number of recorded elevated BLL cases (2001-2012) from the number of houses in each county built before 1980, the number of lead mines (active and inactive) in each county, and the median household income for each county.
Cost = EAF x BLL x (IQ loss/BLL) x (lost economic productivity/IQ loss) x population at risk.
The CDC has maintained the BLL threshold for initiating medical treatment: children identified as having Bas greater than or equal to 45 [micro]g/dl should be given immediate medical attention.
The second piece of evidence is a direct comparison of the returns from the BLL rules with those from the AK rules over the 1963-1986 period.
The zinc protoporphyrin (ZPP) test can be performed in conjunction with the BLL to determine longer exposure.
Of the remaining 487 boys, 394 met inclusion criteria for this analysis, specifically, by availability of a baseline BLL (at 8-9 years) and follow-up serum IGF-1 concentration at both the 2-year (at 10-11 years) and the 4-year (at 12-13 years) follow-up visits.
But to keep all this in perspective: serious health effects--especially hypertension and kidney dysfunction--have now been found in adults at BLLs as low as 10 [micro]g/dL.
Two previous studies on ALAD, BLL, and BP--one conducted among occupationally exposed workers (Lee et al.
Using analysis of covariance, the authors then calculated, for both categories, the difference in mean BLL between initial and final screenings.
Dust and soil lead were not significant predictors of BLL.
Kales BLL, General Sales Agents for China Southern Cargo in Amsterdam were the sales representatives for these two charters.
The authors analyzed data from 6,016 participants [greater than or equal to] 17 years of age in the Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey to estimate associations and joint effects of BLL and the variant ALAD2 allele (any ALA D2 allele vs.