BLLABritish Luggage and Leathergoods Association (UK)
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The individuals with TFA and BLLA undergo impairments to body structure and function with the loss of at least one knee joint and potentially two knee joints.
Medical Condition TTA, n (%) TFA, n (%) Total Participants 60 32 Head Injury/Traumatic Brain Injury 23 (38) 14 (44) Posttraumatic Stress Disorder 21 (35) 12 (38) Depression 12 (20) 7 (22) Heterotopic Ossification on Residual 16 (27) 20 (63) Limb(s) Medical Condition BLLA, n (%) Total, n (%) Total Participants 26 118 Head Injury/Traumatic Brain Injury 16 (62) 53 (45) Posttraumatic Stress Disorder 11 (42) 44 (37) Depression 5 (19) 24 (20) Heterotopic Ossification on Residual 17 (65) 53 (45) Limb(s) BLLA = bilateral lower-limb amputation, TFA = unilateral transfemoral amputation, TTA = unilateral transtibial amputation.
In addition, attendees will be entertained and enjoy a very special cocktail hour and feast at a Gala Dinner prepared by renowned chef, Laurent Godbout, while BLLA announces the award for "Person of the Year 2012 " to one very special individual who has exhibited remarkable feats, a touching life story or amazing results.
Dougherty performed a study using the SF-36 specifically with BLLA and concluded that the only dimension statistically significant to change is the physical functioning dimension [7].
Through our collaboration with BLLA, Roomer will be able to provide consumers with more boutique hotel options to select through our website, while granting the company a new online platform to market themselves and compete for reservations from larger chain hotels.
Since the BLLA group included participants with BTTA, BTFA, and TTA/ TFA, we included a variable representing the number of intact knees in the regression model for the BLLA group.
While BLLA is a global association and distribution company, it is headquartered in the U.
According to Kiradjian, association members benefit from a number of powerful distribution channels that BLLA offers that can deliver incremental upscale revenue streams.
Kiradjian affirmed, "The association is grateful to the sponsors and speakers, as well as our chosen charity, Clean the World - all of whom are showing their individual support of BLLA via their personal and social networks.
He is highly deserving of the honor of BLLA's Person Of The Year 2012," said Frances Kiradjian, BLLA Founder & Chair.
I'm honored to have received these awards from BLLA and I accept on behalf of an amazing team," said owner Tim Dixon who accepted the award in Miami today.
There are very few initiatives designed to level the playing field for this emerging segment and BLLA has demonstrated to be a natural leader.