BLLCBottom Line Loss Control, Inc. (Puyallup, WA)
BLLCBankruptcy Litigation Location Code
BLLCBureau of Labor Law Compliance (Pennsylvania)
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BLLC wasted nearly $200,000 through misuse and mismanagement of state purchasing cards
From July 1998 through February 2002, the 47-person BLLC had five Commonwealth purchasing cards.
Novelty Clothing - There is no written justification in BLLC records for over 1,700 golf shirts, baseball caps, jackets, shirts, sweaters and tote bags totaling $28,791 that were purchased from Moritz Embroidery Works, Inc.
Since the BLLC failed to maintain any inventory records of the clothing, it is impossible to determine who received these items.
Abuse of Cellular Phone Service - The BLLC used purchasing cards to pay for cellular telephones, equipment and services totaling about $80,000 for a two-year period.
Excessive Computer Purchases - The BLLC used purchasing cards to obtain computer equipment totaling nearly $32,000, more than one-half of which was spent by circumventing Commonwealth procurement guidelines.
The BLLC has no documentation concerning the purpose or justification for these charges.
At least four times during the audited period, the BLLC held 3-4 day conferences for its staff (and some spouses) at the Pocono Manor Inn and Golf Resort in Mount Pocono.
Office Furniture and Artwork - The BLLC used purchasing cards to obtain office furniture and artwork totaling nearly $19,000.
The BLLC failed to maintain records of purchasing card transactions.
Casey's special audit of the BLLC also found that the Deputy Secretary/BLLC Director directed the sale of BLLC computer equipment to the staff - including himself - in violation of the Commonwealth Procurement Code and in total disregard of the regulations for the disposal of surplus Commonwealth equipment.