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BLMBureau of Land Management (US government)
BLMBloom Syndrome
BLMBlack Mage (Final Fantasy, gaming)
BLMBayerische Landeszentrale für Neue Medien
BLMBiotic Ligand Model (metal toxicity predictive tool)
BLMBerrymans Lace Mawer (law firm; UK)
BLMBilayer Lipid Membrane
BLMBergbahn Lauterbrunnen-Mürren (Swiss railway)
BLMBonniers Litterära Magasin
BLMBoundary-Layer Meteorology
BLMBeam Loss Monitor
BLMBorder Liaison Mechanism (US government)
BLMBlack-Line Master (classrooms)
BLMBlock Learn Multiplier
BLMBoundary-Layer Model
BLMBloodMage (gaming)
BLMBuzzword Lifecycle Management
BLMBertrand Leroy Martin (French construction company)
BLMBormla (postal locality, Malta)
BLMBachelor of Labour Management
BLMBroadloom Metre (carpeting)
BLMBehavioral Language Model (computer science)
BLMBusiness Line Manager
BLMBrand Lifecycle Management (various industries)
BLMBusiness Logistics Management
BLMBottom Line Management (various locations)
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The BLM disagrees, saying the land belongs to the federal government.
BLM spokeswoman Jennifer Velez responded that the timber sale - called Second Show - would keep multiple trees, some in groups, some dispersed, on the logged terrain.
Under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), the BLM has a responsibility to supplement a programmatic environmental study whenever significant new information bearing on the program's environmental impact emerges.
BLM represents nine of the top 10, and 15 of the top 20 insurance companies and its Liverpool operation dates back to the late 1700s when Joshua Lace started his own law practice.
BLM will also coordinate with the North Slope Borough to assess opportunities for equipment sharing to further reduce costs.
In a 451-page report highly critical of the BLM last June, an independent National Science Academy panel said the agency should invest in widespread fertility control of the mustangs instead of spending millions to house them.
Hazard says, "The BLM needs to work together with the Humane Society, other organizations and the public.
Forest Service to co-manage lands and co-mingle staff, partnerships with local cities to provide funding for law enforcement needs, partnerships with trail-user groups, and partnerships with conservation organizations to lead in BLM land acquisitions.
Of equal concern is a lack of clear direction and funding for the Forest Service and BLM to work with local communities on wildfire protection plans and multiparty monitoring.
BLM also announced plans for a comprehensive working group to undertake a top-to-bottom evaluation of the land exchange and land appraisal processes.
Population control is a must: BLM officials in helicopters swoop down and thunder behind bands of fleeing mustangs, herding them into temporary corrals.