BLMISBernard L. Madoff Investment Securities (est. 1960)
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6 billion that the Trustee seeks to allocate to the Customer Fund includes settlements and recoveries to date, including transfers from BLMIS bank accounts, the sale of assets, and refunds; the $550 million settlement with Carl Shapiro, Robert Jaffe, and related entities; the $470 million settlement with the Swiss bank, Union Bancaire Privee; the $45 million settlement with Hadassah; and approximately $45 million in preference payments and other settlements.
The additional alleged fraudulent transfers of principal occurred during the six years prior to the December 2008 commencement of the BLMIS liquidation proceeding and include preferential transfers received by the Sterling Defendants within the 90-day period prior to the filing date.
Thus far, the BLMIS trustee has allowed 2,528 claims related to 2,198 Madoff accounts.
23) Within a year, the Trustee in Bankruptcy of BLMIS, Irving Picard, had recovered about $1.
Ultimately, 100% of the trustee's recoveries will be allocated to the customer fund for distribution to BLMIS customers with allowed claims, he said.
The Sterling parties' customer claims -- which total approximately $178 million -- will be allowed in full and will be entitled to recovery on the same basis as other BLMIS customers.
Given that these data provide a reasonable basis for identifying likely cases of PTSD, the next set of analyses uses the DSM--IV--TR diagnostic measure as a basis for clinically interpreting the subjective experiences of these Madoff investors as indicated by a series of self-reports regarding their personal experiences in the aftermath of the collapse of BLMIS.
According to the complaint, the Tremont Group and related entities were aware - through warnings in both internal communications and publicly available information - that BLMIS could be a fraud.
The trustee has no standing to bring the common law claims on behalf of all BLMIS customers.