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Symptoms of bloat, which is incredibly painful for the dog, include pacing and restlessness; a distended abdomen; turning to look at or bite at the flank area; rapid, shallow breathing; retching without actually vomiting up any food, and excessive drooling.
Beat the Bloat - Lose Your Belly For Good In Just One Month is due to be published on 15 January 2015 and will be available as a paperback priced GBP7.
Grain overload usually causes gassy bloat, but we keep Bloat Guard on hand just in case there's a foamy bloat.
Bloat is more common in older dogs between seven and 10 years.
File bloat is a result of files that are much bigger or more bloated than they should be.
If I have an important event to attend, I either don't eat at all or just eat crisps which don't cause me to bloat.
If you've had enough of feeling puffy or looking like you're six months pregnant, there are ways to reduce, and even prevent, the bloat altogether.
Of course it's important to ensure you still get your five a day but a bit of research could go a long way to help beat the bloat.
We planted some alfalfa last fall and we want to know: can goats eat it fresh or will they bloat like cows?
It's normal to bloat after coming off a starvation diet.
Why such intransigence, despite report upon report targeting bloat as one of the schools' most pressing problems?