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BLOBBinary Large Object
BLOBBlitter Object (computer architecture)
BLOBBiologically Liberated Organo-Beasties
BLOBBig Lump on Board (personel flying in a non crew position on military aircraft)
BLOBBum Lying on Bench
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Top flies this week were: Blobs, Minkies and Snakes.
This showed that the ALMA sources are located in the very heart of the Lyman-alpha Blob, where they are forming stars at a rate over 100 times that of the Milky Way.
He said: "We got the idea for The Blob from a trip to Austria and a park called Area 47 near Innsbruck.
Only a sea slug called Osborne but he's as deceitful as the blob.
Big red blobs represent the toughest four games, while the four easiest appear as big green blobs.
Looking towards the clearing, I see a toddler smacking the yellow blob with both hands.
It's just five months since Blob burst into my life, bobbing along to the Human League frontman's tune whilst riding on top of various energy hungry white goods, but it feels like the chemistry was instant.
The team tested the two theories by measuring whether the light from the blob was polarised.
Lyman-alpha blob 1 (LAB-1) is so far away that its light has taken 11.
It sounds like the title of a horror movie but as every educated angler knows, the Blob, which looks nothing like the insects upon which trout prey, is one of the most successful rainbow patterns ever.
Organizations can also leverage snapshot and mirroring technology for more efficient BLOB store recovery and overall content lifecycle management.