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BLOCBlank Lines of Code
BLOCBusiness Line of Credit
BLOCBuy Low or Cash (UBS investment product)
BLOCBlue Lightning Operations Center (US Customs)
BLOCBasic Logistics Officers Course
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Berri, who had vehemently opposed Aoun's election to the presidency, chaired a meeting of his bloc to decide its stance on the consultations to designate a prime minster and the formation of a new government.
Selon lui, le nombre des deputes du bloc du NIda pourrait depasser les 70 elus avant le delai de reference annonce par le bureau de l'ARP (12 octobre 2016) pour determiner la composition des blocs parlementaires.
Atienza called the Baguilat bloc 'Bitter Eight'-composed of Baguilat's allies Albay Rep.
Sanasaryan added that when the bloc demanded recounting the votes it wanted to study the
Amr Ezz, one of the bloc's founders, said the bloc attempts to unite all the revolutionary groups active on the street.
The bloc said that it had coordinated with the Independents Bloc, the largest in the 40-member chamber after Al Wefaq society pulled out its 18 lawmakers, to hold top positions in various commissions.
Helicopter'' and ``Positive Tension'' are further Bloc Party clarion calls that bode well for the summer.
ASEAN--which includes Indonesia, Brunei, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, and Burma--is a large Asian trading bloc and coupled with China through an FTA it will create a market of 1.
This problem of identity is further echoed in scenes featuring Chloe Sevigny, muse of quotidian chic, who plays an actress trying and failing to learn lines to a film about protests--lines, one realizes, that derive from the "real" Black Bloc testimonies voiced elsewhere in the film.
The inescapable rule of regional blocs like NAFTA and the EU is: With economic merger comes political merger.
Bloc members constitute the companies where musicians learn their craft, through these companies a musician can progress: from the first time they pick up a guitar until they've sold a million records.