BLOSBeyond Line-Of-Sight (over 600 Miles)
BLOSBicycle Level of Service (roadway bike friendliness measure)
BLOSBranch If Lower or Same
BLOSBell Laboratories Operating System (AT&T)
BLOSBoss Looking over Shoulder
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Forward-looking statements include, among others, statements about new types of communication systems that will change the future of BLOS UAS applications, driving the use of drones and expansion of civilian service applications for drone usage.
The techniques used have provided a significant increase in bandwidth utilization and link reliability," stated Bill Guttadauro, chief architect of the Joint STARS BLOS system.
Expand has been an excellent partner in bringing true airborne networking to Joint STARS," said Stu Schreiber, Joint STARS BLOS program manager.
BLOS capability puts Fury alone in the low-altitude, long-endurance, large payload, tactical UAS market," said John Purvis, President and CEO of AME UAS.
The Ku band HC BLOS system delivers voice, video and data via troposcatter, transmitting radio waves over the curvature of the Earth without using satellites.
2 million contract, Raytheon is providing two HC BLOS terminals and training to the Canadian Forces.