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BLOWBeautiful Ladies Of Wrestling
BLOWBestuursovereenkomst Landelijke Ontwikkeling Windenergie (Dutch: Rural Wind Energy Development Administration; Netherlands)
BLOWBooster-Lift-Off Weight
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There was nothing to do but to let the storm blow itself out, which it did in two days.
One, and she was the more juvenile in her appearance, though both were young, permitted glimpses of her dazzling complexion, fair golden hair, and bright blue eyes, to be caught, as she artlessly suffered the morning air to blow aside the green veil which descended low from her beaver.
If you'll promise you won't blow, and won't let the nigger blow, I'll tell you where to find him.
Not finding Ham among the people whom this memorable wind - for it is still remembered down there, as the greatest ever known to blow upon that coast - had brought together, I made my way to his house.
was shouted so universally, that the knight became aware of his danger; and, striking a full blow at the Templar, he reined back his steed in the same moment, so as to escape the charge of Athelstane and Front-de-B
There was no doubt but that the grasshopper controlled an electric current intended to blow up the powder-magazine!
The purveyor, finding him in his room, naturally thought he was a thief, and struck him such a blow that the man fell down and lay motionless on the floor.
though some chance blow seemed likely to knock one or the other off the narrow foot-bridge.
Even should I break one of them with my first blow, for I figured that he would attempt to ward off the cudgel, he could reach out and annihilate me with the others before I could recover for a second attack.
He could feel the onward swing of the regiment about him and he conceived of a thun- derous, crushing blow that would prostrate the resistance and spread consternation and amaze- ment for miles.
The captain had barely time to draw a clasp-knife with one blow of which he laid the young savage dead at his feet.
Then the stout constable struck a mighty blow; but he struck no more in all that fight, for Stutely, parrying the blow right deftly, smote the constable back again with all his might.