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BLOWBeautiful Ladies Of Wrestling
BLOWBestuursovereenkomst Landelijke Ontwikkeling Windenergie (Dutch: Rural Wind Energy Development Administration; Netherlands)
BLOWBooster-Lift-Off Weight
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Blow molds for 20-ml to 360-liter containers and specialty parts.
blow over : to pass without effect <His anger will blow over.
When I stand to blow the shofar, I feel a sense of responsibility to the community,'' said Blumenfeld.
This article discusses the venting and blow tube placement parameters for coreboxes used to produce coldbox cores, focusing on horizontal tooling rather than vertically parted coreboxes.
The new blow-boxes, vacuum assisted tail threading, blow box relocations and related air system modifications were completed in a six-day shutdown in March 2001.
Blow molds for products up to 55-gal capacity for extrusion blow molding.
To establish processes that are robust and resistant to adhesive failure, desiccant regenerative air dryers are required to dry the blow and purge air to dew point levels of -10 F to -40 F at one atmosphere.
Your research question would be: "Which brand of bubble gum blows the largest bubbles?
Better than Photoshop bicubic and other third party solutions, Blow Up preserves the crisp lines and smooth colors in a source image.
When it comes to foreign competition, blow molders feel relatively invulnerable in their biggest market--bottles.
Defiance patternmakers "fitted" a jacket core cavity to allow pressure measurements while maintaining the proper seal during the blow cycle.