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BLOXBonn Lensing, Optical, and X-Ray (galaxy clusters)
BLOXBlock Order Exposure System
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BOOM BLOX Bash Party features nearly twice as many multiplayer challenges as the original BOOM BLOX making it the ultimate party game
In addition to the more than 400 new levels in BOOM BLOX Bash Party, players can also easily download new levels created by EA and the BOOM BLOX Bash Party community at no additional charge with an Internet-connected Wii.
BOOM BLOX Bash Party is a wild social gaming experience," said Steven Spielberg.
BOOM BLOX Bash Party is even more fun to play with friends and family, featuring twice as many multiplayer challenges as the original, and now offers team-based challenges
BOOM BLOX was designed to be interactive, pure escapism, and fun for kids of all ages," said Steven Spielberg.
Equipped with an easy-to-use in-game editor, BOOM BLOX allows kids to express their creativity by building and bringing to life their very own levels in Create Mode.
BOOM BLOX features an enormous amount of fun challenges and cool scenarios for your kids to solve or for you to master together.