BLPESBritish Library of Politics, Economics and Sociology (London School of Economics; England; UK)
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31) There is a copy of the 1938 Act, and various amending Acts, in BLPES, Beveridge /11/33.
45) BLPES, Beveridge/11/72, cutting "Economic Truths," Otago Daily Times, 15 April 1948.
The Otago version is used except where the BLPES typescript significantly enhances the argument.
49) BLPES, Beveridge/11 /68, typescript "Public Action for Social Advance: New Zealand and Britain Compared, with a Note on Australia," pp.
58) BLPES, Beveridge /11/69 is a collection of pamphlets and reports acquired on the Beveridges' trip.
63) BLPES, Beveridge/11/72, press cutting "Only Too Short: Visit to Dunedin: Lord Beveridge Leaves Today," Otago Daily Times, 22 April, 1948.