BLPSBallistic/Laser Protective Spectacles (military protective eyeware)
BLPSBoon Lay Primary School (Singapore)
BLPSBase Level Personnel System
BLPSBlackburn Lake Primary School (Australia)
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Prior to the APEL, service members and units could order and use BLPS and SPECS, which met the same ballistic protection standards of current APEL products.
NOTE: You may continue to use SPECS, SWDG, and BLPS for laser eye protection.
Las condiciones de experiencia subjetiva son las condiciones consecuentes finales, y contienen justamente el BLPS y la SML de los trabajadores (ver figura 1).
Significant fractions of banks responding to the BLPS in 2004 reported also having eased C&I lending standards, in large part because of a firmer economic outlook (chart 5).
BLPS, SPECS, and SWDG use four lenses designed for each item: clear, sunglass, three-line laser protective, and two-line laser protective.
Use only the SWDG, BLPS, SPECS or the products found on the APEL.
In the first part of 2003, banks reported tightening both standards and terms somewhat; but by the end of the year, a substantial net fraction of respondents had begun easing terms, and in the January 2004 BLPS a significant net fraction reported easier standards (chart 5, bottom panel).
For operational readiness, it's best to keep two separate PLCs--one for the BLPS and one for the M40A1 mask.
A small net percentage of those banks reported in the October 2003 BLPS that they had continued to experience an increase in demand for commercial real estate loans for which the proceeds were earmarked for commercial and industrial purposes.
Nonetheless, results from the October BLPS suggested that reduced demand from creditworthy borrowers was a much more important reason than tighter supply conditions for the decline in C&I loans last year.
GRAPHIC OMITTED] Of the banks that responded to every one of the BLPS during the past two years, 29 percent reported that they had tightened C&I lending standards no more than once, 24 percent reported tightening two or three times, and 46 percent tightened four or more times (table A).
On the supply side, commercial banks significantly tightened their business lending standards, according to BLPS respondents.