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BLRBusiness & Legal Reports
BLRBureau of Labor Relations (Philippines)
BLRBoucle Locale Radio (French: Wireless Local Loop)
BLRBureau of Land Records (Pennsylvania)
BLRBinary Logistic Regression
BLRBroad-Line Region
BLRBottom Line Records (San Diego, CA)
BLRBase Lending Rate
BLRBourg-la-Reine (French: Town of the Queen; French village)
BLRBinary Language Representation
BLRBig Lazy Robot (visual effects studio; Spain)
BLRBoard Level Reliability (packaging)
BLRBintan Lagoon Resort (Indonesia)
BLRBangalore, India - Hindustan (Airport Code)
BLRBeyond Local Repair
BLRBrowning Lever Rifle (Lever Action Browning Rifles)
BLRBank Loan Rating
BLRBureau of Legislative Research (Arkansas Legislative Council; Little Rock, AR)
BLRBulharská Lidová Republika (Czech: People's Republic of Bulgaria)
BLRBusiness and Legal Resources (Old Saybrook, CT; compliance consultancy)
BLRBlack Labrador Retriever
BLRBoundary Location Register
BLRBalanced Likelihood Ratio
BLRBattery Level Radar (vehicle-mounted radar)
BLRBlock Level Retransmission
BLRBlock Length Register
BLRBlue-Light Radiation
BLRBaseline Requirements Document
BLRBelow Layer Range
BLRBoîte Aux Lettres Rurale (Canada Post)
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As its name implies, the BLR Black Label Takedown is based on the BLR Takedown action and is offered in the two most popular MSRcartridges: the .
Users can go to a BLR training site, complete with their own company's logo, and take any required training or quizzes.
During its evolution, the BLR evolved a pistol-grip buttstock and schnable fore-end as an alternative to the original straight-grip butt with barrel-band forestock.
BLR currently publishes about 250 different titles (with a staff of 170, excluding telemarketers), including the following newsletters:
Press relations for BLR was previously handled by Manchester's Leedex GTPR.
Curley, who came to GDT from the former BLR Data, notes that Dynamap/Display is similar to BLR's StreetNetwork.
71% increase employers reported in June, when BLR conducted its annual Pay Budget survey.
Which brings us to the true subject of this article--tile "modern" takedown Browning BLR, this one in .
We'd jumped two nice boars out of a gully, and as they ran up the opposite side--about 75 yards out--Bob dumped the top one with a BLR in .
BLR([R])) today launched a new module to its BLR Employee Training Center focused on California Sexual Harassment Prevention and Response, designed by experts to specifically meet the training and compliance requirements of California's Assembly Bill 1825.
Judging from the variety of models in the catalog, the number I see on dealer shelves and feedback from dealers, the BLR is doing very well.
The BLR isn't exactly all that new, having been around for a few years.