BLRABrewers and Licensed Retailers Association (UK)
BLRABayonne Local Redevelopment Authority
BLRABrunswick Local Redevelopment Authority (Brunswick, ME)
BLRABuilding and Land Regulation Administration
BLRABrainard Lake Recreation Area (Colorado)
BLRABeta Lactamase Resistant Antibiotic
BLRABayerische Landesverband für die Rehabilitation der Aphasiker eV
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More than 14,000 pubs are backing a campaign by BLRA and the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA).
Change in the BLRA Process: While not expected, any change in the BLRA process that affects the timeliness and amount of nuclear cost recovery could adversely affect current ratings.
Rob Hayward, BLRA chief executive, said: "The only winners from this policy are the criminals who smuggle beer, as higher duty rates in the UK increase the incentive to smuggle and put more money in their pockets.
A BLRA spokesman said: "The smugglers are well organised and are cheating the country out of millions of pounds in taxes, threatening breweries, pubs and jobs in the UK,
The BLRA said the number of heavily laden vans leaving Calais was up 4% in 1998 to 91,000, compared with 87,500 in 1997.
The BLRA allows for annual adjustments to rates during construction of the units as a means of recovering financing costs associated with the project.
The BLRA believe the number of heavily-laden vans carrying beer topped 100,000 in 1999 - which represents an increase of 11.
Among the most extensive -- if hardly the least impartial -- research is that carried out by the BLRA.
The BLRA provided an upfront determination of prudency for the nuclear construction program that is binding on all future proceedings, permits tariffs to be adjusted annually to provide a cash return on construction work in progress (CWIP), including an 11% return on equity (ROE), and assures recovery of invested capital in the event the plant is cancelled before completion.
Mr Rob Hayward, chief executive of the BLRA, said: "The change of tactics by the smugglers, to using smaller vehicles and the Channel Tunnel at night, shows how sophisticated and well organised the criminal gangs have become.
BLRA spokesman Charmaine Colvin said: ``Each year, Britain's pubs raise a staggering Pounds 110 million for charity.
The BLRA effectively reduces the cost of building nuclear power plants in South Carolina by allowing the state's regulated utilities to adjust rates annually during construction of such plants to recover related financing costs.