BLRTBalti Laevaremonditehas (Estonia)
BLRTBusiness Librarians Round Table
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of Model Restrictions Classes Model A Latent class indicators' means are 2 freely estimated; within-cluster Model B variances are assumed equal across classes 3 Model C Latent class indicators' means and 2 within-cluster variances are freely Model D estimated 3 Model BIC BLRT Model A 40426.
1, the newest version, includes the option of running the BLRT (Muthen & Muthen, 2007).
Fiskerstrand BLRT AS is a Norwegian-registered joint venture company established 50/50 in 2007 by Fiskerstrand Verft AS in lesund and Western Shipyard in Klaipeda, Lithuania.
Fiskerstrand BLRT repairs and builds ships and, together with collaborating companies, have about 300-350 people at the shipyard daily.
Western Shipyard and Western Baltija Shipbuilding is part of the BLRT Grupp which is headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia.
Some companies, such as BLRT Grupp (Estonian ship repair company, a major employer in the Baltic Sea region), hired a skilled workforce from China, in spite of the amount of free labor available domestically.
Latvenergo is preferred, for example, by Estonian construction companies Merko and Nordecon, and also by BLRT Group, which consumes 25 million KW of electricity per year in Latvia.