BLSIBoston Life Sciences, Inc.
BLSIBioniche Life Sciences Inc. (Montréal, Québec, Canada)
BLSIBasic Life Support Instructor (critical health care)
BLSIBureau of Labor Statistics Information (Washington)
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Since 1992, BLSI has raised more than $65 million to fund its research programs, which are primarily conducted at Harvard Medical School and its affiliated medical centers.
In 2004, FluoroPharma agreed to grant BLSI a right of participation in the event that FluoroPharma pursued a development and/or sublicensing agreement for its imaging agents with an established biotechnology or pharmaceutical company.
Savas went on to say, "We thank Joe Hernon for his contributions to BLSI throughout the last eight years.
We appreciate the many contributions that Marc has made since founding BLSI in 1992," stated Peter G.
Bianchine brings extensive experience in medicine and clinical pharmacology to BLSI.