BLSRBi-directional Line Switched Ring (SONET)
BLSRBaseline Security Requirements
BLSRBatch Local Shared Resources (IBM mainframes)
BLSRBetween Lives Soul Regression (therapy)
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Therefore, for a BLSR survival rate of 90%, the number who will benefit = 10 x 0.
Using VLXpert, it took us a mere sixteen minutes to remotely and successfully upgrade a three-node OC-192 BLSR ring," said Andrew Knott, Vice President of Marketing and Customer Support.
5) matrices together with integrated Ethernet Layer 2 aggregation plus support for multiple subtended UPSR and BLSR rings.
The Cisco ONS 15600 is interoperable with our existing Cisco ONS 15454 UPSR architecture and it also gives us 16 rings of completely interoperable ONS 15454 two-fiber BLSR rings too," added Ed Proetz, senior system engineer with Enventis.
Since it supports multiple rings of 2 Fiber BLSR or 64 rings of UPSR on a port-by-port basis, we are not limited to our protection choices.