BLTCBritish Language Training Centre (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
BLTCBeautiful Light Technology Corp. (Taiwan; est. 2005)
BLTCBacon Lettuce Tomato Cheese
BLTCBracknell Lawn Tennis Club (UK)
BLTCBrokered Login Transaction Client
BLTCBinary Loss Tree Clique
BLTCBetter Living Through Chemistry (band)
BLTCBromley Lawn Tennis Club (UK)
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While at the Hartberg BLTC, Christian Metschina gave us a short presentation on the development of the facility and described how it fits within the overall cooperative.
At the time of our visit, the Hartberg facility was the newest BLTC, although another one was launched this past August.
Our first visit with Schnedl was at another BLTC that provides processing and is a distribution point for wood chips and firewood.