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BLTSBethany Lutheran Theological Seminary (Mankato, MN)
BLTSBroadband Language Training System (US DoD)
BLTSBrokered Login Transaction Service
BLTSBosphorus Language and Translation Services
BLTSBox League Tennis Series (Hong Kong)
BLTSBayanihan Linux Terminal Server Project (Advanced Science and Technology Institute; Philippines)
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assistance is directed to the general development of the HNP and the targeted support of the BLTS.
Specific support to the BLTS includes procurement of communications equipment, vehicles, non-lethal operational gear, and canine unit training.
The continued institutional development of both the HNP and the BLTS are positive trends that have helped to improve public security and have marginally increased Haiti's ability to interdict drug trafficking.
assistance supports both general development of the HNP and targeted support to the BLTS via complementary programs.
The course, held in Colombia at the Junglas Training Center trained 24 HNP officers from the BLTS and the anti-kidnapping unit.
NAS worked with DEA to support BLTS operations with per diem, travel costs, rent for the BLTS Special Investigations Unit and equipment.
BLT Steak, scheduled to open here this summer, "attracts a sleek, moneyed crowd" at its East 57th Street address, according to New York City's Zagat Survey.