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BLUDBe Loyal Until Death (gaming clan)
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Here Lincoln appears as "a goriller, a feendish ape," and "a thirster after blud.
The other main cyclists on the ride with Mr Jones are Phil Sargeant, Paul Williams and Paul Blud.
Program participants volunteered to participate in either the R&R or Enhanced Thinking Skills (ETS) program (n= 667) while controls did not participate in any treatment program (n= 1801; Friendship, Blud, Erikson, & Travers, 2002; Friendship, Blud, Erikson, Travers, & Thornton, 2003).
Department of Health Behavior and Administration, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, 9201 University City Blud.
The AEthiopians at that time (as men for truth upholde) (By reason that their blud was drawne foorth to the outer part And there bescorched) did becomme ay after blacke and swart.
There will also be a Young Blud stage, featuring young talents such as Huddersfield's Suga Brown Urban Dance and Drama school, Elements of Surprise and the Practical Hedz.
Now that ye be assemblld heer All ye my ffreynds at my request Specyally you my ffather dere That off my blud ar the nerest Thys vnto you ys my request That ye woll pacyently hyre By thys my last words exprest My testement yntyer.