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BLVFort Belvoir (Virginia)
BLVBovine Leukemia Virus
BLVScott AFB/Midamerica Airport (Belleville, IL, USA; airport code)
BLVBleed Valve
BLVBusy-Line Verification (telecommunications)
BLVBusy Line Verify
BLVBusy Line Verification
BLVBlind/Low Vision
BLVBoot Logical Volume
BLVBovine Leucosis Virus
BLVBourg les Valence (French town)
BLVBreuil le Vert (French village)
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Due to financial restrictions, it is unlikely that schools will have the resources to hire additional special education teachers with specialized training for BLV students.
The main source of BLV is B lymphocyte (Panei et al.
Estudio de la dinamica de infeccion perinatal con BLV en un rodeo de tambo de alta prevalencia.
In these studies no antibodies against BLV were detected, prompting Burridge to conclude in his review article, "There is no epidemiological or serological evidence from human studies to indicate that BLV can infect man" (5).
A qPCR foi padronizada inicialmente com DNA extraido da linhagem celular de rim de feto de carneiro (FLK) persistentemente infectada com o BLV.
NICHE MARKET: BLV has found its way into restaurants and liquor stores throughout Anchorage, Wasilla, Soldotna and Homer.
Now, this is not to say that you should not be concerned about BLV within your cow or herd on the homestead.
In contrast to BLV, our results suggest that, on average, JIT adopters improve ROA relative to non-adopters, and that this relation does not vary with the concentration of adopters' customer bases.
We report 5 cases that occurred in the United Kingdom during 2009, in which calves became seropositive for BLV after consuming colostrum replacer.
com)-- Oriental Motor USA is pleased to announce the introduction of their BLV Series, a DC input, high power brushless motor and driver system with connection cable.
Me: "Doc, will you come out and test my cows for BLV and BIV (bovine AIDS)?
BLV verifies contact information, improves listing attributes such as business name, address, phone number and URL, and supplements relevant data by applying human judgment--rapidly and across large data sets.